From the middle of VIII century BCE in the Roman republic used the religious calendar consisting of 10 months. In such calendar four months of year had on 31 days, and other six - for 30 days, therefore originally Roman calendar year had 304 days.


The religious calendar of Romans consisting of 10 months, in VIII century BCE (304 days)

Martius (31 days)

Aprilis (30 days)

Maius (31 days)

Iunius (30 days)

Quintilis (31 days)

Sextilis (30 days)

September (30 days)

October (31 days)

November (30 days)

December (30 days)


In VII century BCE two months - eleventh, named "January" in honor of two-faced god Janus - the patron of agriculture at whom one person has been turned forward, and another have been added back, and the twelfth, named "February", which name occurs from a Latin word (Februarius) - "the clarification" connected with corresponding pagan God and its religious practice.

It was the religious lunar calendar of a spring equinox. It began in March and came to an end in February. In it there was no month with 30 days. All the months long had odd number of days (29 and 31 days) except for February with its even 28 days.


The religious lunar calendar of Romans is consisting of 12 months, in VII century BCE (355 days) :

Martius (31 days)

Aprilis (29)

Maius (31)

Iunius (29)

Quintilis (31)

Sextilis (29)

September (29)

October (31)

November (29)

December (29)

Januarius (29)

Februarius (28)


As a result of this reform year in an initial Roman religious calendar was more than for 10 days is shorter astronomical tropical, or solar, year and consisted of 355 days. Such duration of the Roman calendar well enough coincided with duration of the lunar year equal of 354.36708 days.

And it is not casual, as Romans long time used purely lunar calendar, marking Moon phases on the Nones, the Ides and the Kalendes: that is on the moment to Moon Occurrence in the Sky, the Quarter of the Moon and the Full moon accordingly. The beginning of each month should coincide with day of the first occurrence of the Moon in the Sky after the New moon.

In the debt books (caldarium), the Roman usurers conducted records of Dates of payment of percent on debts, the Roman state collected taxes, tenants collected a rent in special additional 13 (thirteenth) month – mercedis [mercedonium] (from «merc[es] edis» or "A payment for work") which entered on a perfect analogy with a Judaic luni-solar calendar (month Adar I), that is had the doubled month February or "Fishes" if to mean the name of this month on its zodiac.

The right of definition of duration of month mercedis according to Mania Acilia Glabrion law, since 191 years BCE has been completely given Pontifexes.

These Dates put down on the Lunar calendar, on Moon phases. Therefore the word "new moon" (Kalendes) figuratively became modern "Calendar".

In March, May, July, October Ides had on 15th, Nones on 7th numbers, and in other months - Ides on 13th, and Nones on 5th numbers. March Ides - on March, 15th 44 years everything, day of murder Julius Caesar are in the history known for example: as «Idus Martiae». The account is to days of month orders in the opposite direction «to Ides» after date Nones, «to Nones» after date Kalendes, and «to Kalendes» after date Ides.

The seasons defined on the Roman lunar religious calendar, did not correspond to natural phenomena and complicated agriculture. For elimination of this abnormality, i.e. To keep seasons on the places and to cope with an incommensurability of solar year with synodic (lunar) month, the Roman priests-Pontifexes began to insert into the calendar additional thirteenth (13) month - mercedis. Such month had 22 or 23 days and was added in a year. With introduction of 13th month mercedis, the Roman purely lunar calendar became luni-solar.

Therefore on duration years alternated and contained or 377 (355+22) or is exact 355 or 378 (355+23) days. In everyone four years was two short and two extended years, and average duration of year made 366.25 days [(355+377+355+378)/4=366.25], that is the backlog error in 4 whole days ran each 4 years in relation to a star calendar Sirius Pharaoh Ptolemy III Everget (the annually average error made: 366.25-365.25=1 days), not to mention an annual average error in relation to length of tropical year (365.2421875 days) which has made (366.25 – 365.2421875 = 1.0078125 days).

Every 8 years the error made 8 whole days. It was much and very considerably. Therefore every 8 years one was passed «superfluous whole week», that is 7 days were passed. Average duration of year for a cycle in 8 years made 365.375 days (365.25 days +0.125 days =365.375 days). One day (8-7=1 day) or 24 hours remained "superfluous" [that is 3 hours per year ran much (24 hours/8 year =3 hour for every year from 8) that makes 0.125 days (3/24=0.125)] and consequently one more whole week collected for the following of 56 years (1 days for each 8 years give 7 days for each 56 years).

Thus, every 56 years it was necessary to pass at once two weeks or 14 days. And then Romans would have very good calendar on accuracy (each 8 years they would clean one superfluous week, and each 56 years at once two whole superfluous weeks and average duration of their year for a cycle in 56 years would make precisely 365.25 days, that is in accuracy would equal duration Julian year). But Romans to make it have not guessed. In Rome cut heads is more often, than them thought. Often happens so that when there is a force, mind for some reason it is not necessary.

The thirteenth (13) Month mercedis [mercedonium] Romans inserted between February, 23rd and 24th - last month year (February was then last month year, instead of the second). After February, 23rd there came the first day - Kalendes mercedis (payment of percent on debts) and when mercedis came to an end from 24 numbers February again proceeded.

Inserts of days of month mercedis were made only by priests-Pontifexes. On them entirely depended when to proclaim time of approach of the New Year in Rome. They arrived how it was more favourable. In Rome at that time for money all was on sale: death sentences, pardons, posts, evasion from payment of taxes and the whole provinces. The power in Rome has been constructed exclusively on corruption.

Eventually, the corrupted Pontifexes "have run into debt" to a calendar for bribes of 90 days and have stopped all civil and economic life in the Roman Empire. The situation of full deadlock has been created. Nobody knew what day will come tomorrow.

Very well-aimed characteristic of a condition of the Roman calendar of that time was given by F. Voltaire (1694-1778 СЕ): «the Roman commanders, - he wrote, - always won, but never knew, in what day it happened».

In all this economic and administrative chaos in 46 year ALL is resolute all in the Roman Empire blamed only one person - the main Pontifex of Roman Empire Julia Caesar which, thus, became a banal victim of the fallen calendar financial pyramid.

Being the main Priest-Pontifex of Roman Empire with 67 years BCE, Julius Caesar (100 - 44BCE.) was - the politician most corrupted in the history of the Roman Empire, - but even he has been compelled to limit super great calendar corruption in Rome.

Seasons of dates of agriculture on a calendar in general have ceased to coincide with an astronomical reality. The calendar absurdity has been finished by Pontifexes - corruption to a limit and caused hatred of all people against the main Pontifex- corruption, against Julius Caesar and has led to Civil war in Roman Empire.

The long-term calendar state financial pyramid of Roman Empire has failed during time of its Pontificate, having made of it the Victim of History. The new calendar was urgently necessary to Roman Empire.

The essence of the reform of a calendar carried out by Julius Caesar consisted that transition from a luni-solar calendar with inserted 13 month mercedis [ mercedonium] (with two leap-years has been made or bissextile in everyone four years) to purely star calendar of a star Sirius, consisting of 12 months in which basis the annual cycle of a star Sirius in a variant of Pharaoh Ptolemy III Everget (in which has been put was only one leap-year in everyone four anniversary).

Pharaoh Ptolemy III Everget was the lineal descendant of commander Ptolemy of I Soter, satrap in Egypt and stepbrother Alexander III of Macedon. [Alexander III of Macedon (July, 20th or 21st, 356-June, 10th or 11th, 323 BCE). Alexander the Great, King of Macedonia, Pharaoh of Egypt, King of Persia. Born July, 20th or 21st, 356 BCE. Died June, 10th or 11th 323 BCE (aged 32)]

The annual cycle of a star Sirius on duration was very close to duration of the annual reference of the Earth round the Sun star. Average duration of year of a star of Sirius was established in 365.25 days. To avoid fractional shares of day, have looped from 4 years and began to consider in three simple years for 365 days, and in the fourth (leap) - 366 days (additional 366 days). The new Calendar Julius Caesar looked as follows.


Religious star calendar of a star of Sirius [Julius Caesar I century BCE (365-366 days)], consisting of 12 months.

Januarius (31 days)

Februarius (29-30)

Martius (31)

Aprilis (30)

Maius (31)

Iunius (30)

Quintilis (31)

Sextilis (30)

September (31)

October (30)

November (31)

December (30)



Julius Caesar (44 years BCE)


For the first month of year January as in Rome the state and economic life began since January, 1st has been accepted. All odd months had on 31 day, and all even - for 30 days. At introduction Julian a calendar additional (366th) day was inserted in a year (in February, 24 numbers) before 6th day to March Kalendes (to March, 1st) why has received the name «bissextus» - «twice the sixth» ("encore" - "twice", «sextum» - "six") or (“ante diem bis sextum Kalendes Martium” - repeated sixth day before March Kalendes).

Greeks would utter the letter «b» as "v", that is why and there was a word «visoxos». Time in four years Romans marked on February, 24th - the sixth day to March Kalendes (to March, 1st) twice. From "name" of additional day - «twice the name "leap" has occurred the sixth» (in Latin bissextus) also.

After death Julis Caesar 7th month in which was born Julius Caesar named in its honor (July) and this calendar has received the name «Julian».

However before to begin the account of days on a new calendar, Julius Caesar it was necessary to eliminate "the sins" admitted by earlier previous Pontifexes - corruption. All days "stolen" by them have been counted up and inserted into the account of days. Except mercedis from 23 days, even two months - one of 33, and another - from 34 days (23+33+34=90) - have placed between November and December (have entered additional 90 days).

As a result of 46 year BCE it has turned out extraordinary long. It was the longest year for all written history of mankind; it consisted of 15 months (445 days). In the history of a calendar it is known under the name "chaotic", or «year of confusion».

With acceptance solar Julian a calendar Romans were released from simultaneous double system of the account of time - on the Moon (the account of days in lunar month on Moon phases, that is on Kalendes, Nones and Ides, and by the sun (the simple serial account of days in the calendar month, not connected with phases of the Moon and not coinciding with them).

Later this calendar of a star Sirius (Julian) became a basis for all subsequent calendars, chronological economic and scientific calculations of modern Mankind and, probably, this period will last till January, 1st, 2013 СЕ.

Corruption thirteenth (13) religious month mercedis has been abolished by Julius Caesar personally. From this point on in Roman empire began to hate number "13", carrying it to the invention of a devil and, especially, in connection with the followed enmity with Jew kept the thirteenth month in the calendar system (the modern form of a Judaic calendar has appeared only after 404 years in 359 year CE, but also it has kept the thirteenth month Adar I). Destruction of purely corruption thirteenth month mercedis finally, costed to the Dictator and the Pontifex of Rome Guy Julius Caesar of a life.

Entering into Roman Empire a star calendar of Sirius in a variant of Pharaoh Ptolemy III Everget Julius Caesar has entered into the basic system conflict to all oligarchs of the Roman Empire. Henceforth all oligarchs should pay on the same level with all taxes in empire treasury on dates Kalendes (on dates of the first days of month which could not be cancelled now for money).

Oligarchs of Roman Empire have not wanted to be reconciled with abolition of the corruption mechanism of the power in Empire. They wanted, that calendar time, debts and all higher posts in Roman Empire continued to be bought for money. Therefore oligarchs from a grief "have ordered" Julius Caesar.

After murder Julius Caesar oligarchs and new Pontifexes-emperors, have continued old practice of sale of calendar time and began to appoint leap-years (instead of the abolished thirteenth month mercedis [mercedonium]) not in three years to the fourth, and in two years on the third (that is have returned to a perfect analogy with a month mercedis having entered two leap-years for each four-year cycle, instead of one) to raise the incomes to make their more frequent; as a result the calendar account has been meaningly broken again (the vicious calendar financial pyramid) has again earned. Taxes were again shifted from oligarchs on simple citizens that has caused outburst of indignation of simple soldiers in army.

In 8 year BCE the emperor-Pontifex August (63BCE - 14CE) (the emperor with 44BCE on 14CE) the successor Julius Caesar has been compelled to support army (75 legions which he personally ordered, that is 750 thousand persons). August has uncompromisingly quarreled with oligarchs. The Emperor-Pontifex force of the power has rectified August again collected corruption error of a calendar as to it costed to a life as well as its predecessor Julius Caesar (August was after that it is poisoned by conspirators-oligarchs in which number there was also his wife who has led to power Tiberian, the native son, the adopted son of August).

Then the Senate of Rome under the insisting of army has made decision posthumously to rename the eighth month of year in "August" - in honor of memory of the Emperor-Pontifex of August into gratitude for correction by it already Julian a calendar.

Month has been some times renamed "September": during board Tiberian (14÷37 CE) in Tiberius, at Antonin Pie (138÷161 CE) - in Antonius, at Lucius Aurelius Commodus (180÷192 CE) - in Commodus. And month "October" in time Domitian (81÷96 CE) was called as Domicianus. However these changes have not got accustomed.



The emperor-Pontifex August (14 year CE)


The son of Emperor-Pontifex Mark Aurelius, 18th Emperor of Roman empire, Lucius Aurelius Commodus has especially caused a stir in abusings a calendar financial pyramid (which years of a life were: on August, 31st 161CE ÷ on December, 31st 192CE) at the age of incomplete 14 years c on January, 20th 175 years CE has been entered by father Mark Aurelius into Board of Pontifexes. Its public life has from this point on begun.

Since January, 1st 177 years CE Commodus there was the Consul a first time, at the age of incomplete 16 years and became the youngest Consul in the Roman history till this time. Commodus (rules 180÷193CE) has thought up new names to all months of year among which were both Herculeus and Commodus.

And Lucius Aurelius Commodus have started to name month the August renamed personally by Commodus (Commodus put itself above the emperor of August), and September began to name month Herculeus.

Roman Empire Commodus has started to name precisely «the Universal colony of the Earth», and new Romulus. Corruption trade in calendar time proceeded also to emperor-Pontifex Commodus it too cost lives, as Julius Caesar and to August (he has been killed by conspirators-oligarchs on December, 31st 192 years CE).

Emperor Commodus was unique in the history the emperor-gladiator. It has personally spent 735 fights on arena as the usual gladiator and consequently used unusual popularity in the people. Considered that the gladiator-lover of his mother Faustina, instead of Emperor Mark Aurelius (it was rumoured that he was actually the son, not of Marcus Aurelius, but of a gladiator whom his mother Faustina had taken as a lover at the coastal resort of Caieta[i] was his father.


Коммод: император-гладиатор...

18th Emperor of Roman Empire Lucius Aurelius Commodus (192 year CE)


The historian the Gibbon testifies that in one of battles on arena Emperor Lucius Aurelius Commodus has personally killed 100 wild lions for one day. In other case it has personally killed on arena of 3 elephants. Contemporaries of Emperor Lucius Aurelius Commodus well knew that heart-breaking "anatomic" experiences over live people and the infinite debauchery which did not have intellectual borders were its favorite entertainment.

Komod possessed remarkable congenital physical strength and romantically identified itself with the demigod Hercules. He has demanded from the Senate to name itself (himself) not Lucius Aurelius Commodus son Marcus Aurelius and Hercules, the son of Jupiter, the main god of the Roman pagan Pantheon of Gods. Under its requirement month August began to name "Commodus". Month September - " Hercules ". Month October - "Invincible". Month November - "Overcoming". Month - has been named December by "Amazonian".

All the months long year on request of Lucius Aurelius Commodus, have changed the names: and all of them were like with a name of Emperor Lucius Aurelius Commodus a: Lucius, Aelius, Aurelius, Commodus, Augustus, Herculeus, Romanus, Exsuperatorius, Amazonius, Invictus, Felix, Pius.

In 190 year of SE Lucius Aurelius Commodus has renamed also the city of Rome into "City of Commodus" (the city Colonia Lucia Annia Commodiana). The senate did not object and satisfied all most extravagant requests of the emperor.

To Emperor-Pontifex Lucius Aurelius Commodus in II century CE 5 "good" emperors (including Lucius Aurelius Commodus), and after his death reigned only and in the next century on a throne 57 Emperors have visited; sometimes for a year it had time to be replaced to 6 emperors. Calendar corruption finally has led to death Rome.

The Roman oligarchs persistently did not wish to pay taxes to the State, shifting all weight of tax burden on the simple people. Rome has fallen, when barbarians have deceived simple Romans and simple Roman soldiers, having promised it that they will cancel all unreasonable taxes of emperors-Pontifexes and oligarchs if simple Romans help them to seize power with Rome.

Simple Romans, escaping from unreasonable taxes, have betrayed the Roman national oligarchs and the most Roman Emperor-Pontifex. They have opened gate of a city of Rome towards to barbarians, towards to the destruction. Therefore Rome has fallen in 410-476 years CE, grasped by armies of barbarians of pagan Odoacer.

In Rome any more there were no Emperors-Pontifexes and thieves-oligarchs. And only in 324 years in 800 year CE (800-476=324) on ruins of the Western Roman empire there was feudal Christian «Sacred Roman empire» baptize barbarian-franc Charles the Great, the Emperor of the West who for all life and has not managed to learn to write (huge hands and fingers of these «Hercules» - Emperor well held a sword and could not hold a feather at all).


Chapter 6


I). The name of month "January" has occurred from a word "Janus" or on sense «having two person». Pagan god of "Januarius" or «having one head with two persons looking simultaneously in both parties forward and back». This pagan god symbolized border between coming the New Year, through the person who looked forward, and leaving old year, through the person looking back. Therefore the first month of year standing on border of two years, named a name of two-obverse pagan god of "Januarius".

II). The name of last month of an ancient Roman calendar has occurred "February" from a word "February" or on sense «clearing in the end of the year». Originally shepherds in the end of the year expelled evil ghosts «from a maleficent of bad envying people», disturbing, according to superstitions, successful fertilization of pets which in a mass order was spent in the end of the year before a new moon. They severely castigated each other or (self-flagellation) leather belts. Pagan god of an underground kingdom of "Februarius" patronized shepherds and livestock.

III). The name of month "March" has occurred from a word "Mars" or on sense «the Winner in war». This month was first month of an ancient Roman calendar that is «the Winner of Winter». Pagan god of "Martius" is in initial sense «the blood-red War god and Victories over enemies».

IV). The name of month "April" has occurred from a word "Apru" or on sense in transfer with ancient Etruscan language it meant a name of the pagan goddess which Romans, in the end-ends, began to name "Venus". It was этрусский an equivalent of "the Goddess of Love». In an ancient Roman calendar the pagan Goddess of Love of "Aprilis" promoted blooming of fruit kidneys and flowering of fruit-trees in the spring in the second month of year after "Mars-March". It was the name of the "Second" month of an ancient Roman calendar.

V). The name of month "May" has occurred from a word "Maya" or on sense «pagan Mother of pagan god Mercury» which was «the patron of trade» and «the messenger of gods», brought it kind or bad messages. It was the name of the "Third" month of an ancient Roman calendar.

VI). The name of month "June" has occurred from a word «Is young either the Juno or Gera», patronesses of married women, wives of the Tsar or the King of the Olympus of main pagan Olympic God «Jupiter or «Zeus» or [Jove] ». It was the name of the "Fourth" month of an ancient Roman calendar.

VII). The name of month "July" has occurred from a word "Julius Caesar", it was simply "Quintilis", that is "the Fifth" month under the account of the ancient Roman calendar, renamed into honor of the founder of the "Julian" calendar of the Main Roman Pontifex and the lifelong Dictator of Roman empire Guy Julius Caesar, after his murder by senators-conspirators.

VIII). The name of month "August" has occurred from a word "Augustus", it was simply "Sextius", that is "the Sixth" month under the account of the ancient Roman calendar, renamed into honor of the First Emperor and the Main Pontifex of the Roman empire, the nephew Julius Caesar, the Emperor of August Caesar, after its poisoning with senators-conspirators.

IX). The name of month "September" has occurred from a word "Septimus", it was simply "the Seventh" month under the account of an ancient Roman calendar. It renamed three times. At first in "Tiberius" in honor of the Emperor of Roman empire Tiberius, then in "Antonius", and vain at last in "Commodus" in honor of the next Emperors of Roman Empire. But these names have not got accustomed.

X). The name of month "October" has occurred from a word "Octavius", it was simply "the Eighth" month under the account of an ancient Roman calendar. It at one time renamed into a month of "Domitian" in honor of XI Emperor of Roman Empire, but this name has not got accustomed.

XI). The name of month "November" has occurred from a word "Nonius", it was simply "the Ninth" month under the account of an ancient Roman calendar.

XII). The name of month "December" has occurred from a word "Decimus", it was simply "the Tenth" month under the account of an ancient Roman calendar.



On ecliptic the Earth during one complete revolution of the Earth round the Sun star (a year cycle) there are 13 Constellations or Zodiacs. Names of these Zodiacs are used for names of corresponding months of year since drawing up of ancient calendars in China and Babylon. Then they have passed in the Greek and Judaic calendars as Greeks and Jew, after the Babylon captivity of the last, completely adapted an ancient Chinese-Babylon luni-solar calendar.

In 359 CE Jew modernized their calendar having left however all principles in names of months Chinese-Babylon (having twice in leap-years month of Fishes in the form of Adar I and Adar II, but without entering the zodiac of Serpentarius which we enter, instead of leap Judaic month Adar I). Zodiacs are taken by us without any changes as they are on ecliptic for needs of a digital mathematical quantum universal calendar and them an essence the following in breakdown on seasons of year:

Spring is three months [III - IV - V]: March, April and May (the Aries, a Taurus and Twins).

Summer is three months [VI - VII - VIII]: June, July and August (the Cancer, the Lion and the Maiden).

Autumn is four months [IX - X - XI - XII]: September, October, Serpentarius and November (Scales, the Scorpion, Serpentarius and the Sagittarius).

Winter is three months [XIII - I - II]: December, January and February (the Capricorn, the Aquarius and Fishes).

Month of "Serpentarius” in each of 12 special calendars has 12 special names for each of special months.

In United Nations calendar this special month is named "Roosevelt" in honor of Franklin Roosevelt, the founder of the United Nations.

In a calendar of the USA this special month is named "Washington" in honor of the legendary founding father of the USA.

In a calendar of Russia this special month is named "Lomonosov" in honor of the ingenious founder of the Moscow University.

In a calendar of China and Japan this special month is named by "Confucius" in honor of the ingenious thinker of ancient China.

In a calendar Julian this special month is named "Caesar" in honor of his founder Julius Caesar.

In a calendar of Vatican this special month is named "Christ" in honor of "God-person" Jesus Christ, the founder of Christianity.

In a calendar of India this special month is named "Buddha" in honor of the founder of the Buddhism.

In a calendar of Saudi Arabia this special month is named "Mohammed" in honor of the founder of Islam-Moslem.

In a calendar of Iran this special month is named "Khayyam" in honor of the ingenious founder of the Iranian calendar of the Omar Khayyam.

In a calendar of Israel this special month is named by "Rambam" in honor of ingenious Rabbi Moses Maimonides. In a calendar of Maya this special month and is named by "Maya".

All universal calendars listed above on the basis of a 13-month's matrix are named in a word "Abrahamic" in honor of uniform Bible Abraham, the phantom historical forefather and Rabbi Moses Maimonides and Prophet Mohammed and Jesus Christ.

"Quantum" figure "13" is interesting. It is and 13 months of the offered universal digital quantum mathematical calendar, and 13 weeks in each quarter of year of this universal mathematical calendar, and 13 zodiacal signs, including Zodiac Serpentarius. It is and 13 days of celebrating of the New Year (Nowruz) in Iran and Afghanistan. It is and 13 doctrines of Judaic belief formulated by Rabbi Moses Maimonides. It is and 13 philosophical principles (laws) put in the Bible-tore (Old or the Old Testament), and 13 Gratitude in the Bible.

The zodiac is 13th on sense and XI by position in an annual circle on ecliptic historically correctly to name "Serpentarius". It is the key zodiac on ecliptic. In "Ezekiel" it is told (Iez. 40:3): «It is shape of the Husband to a snake holding. He has in a hand at a geodetic chain and a cane for measurements. Also there is it at gate [World systems in the Heavenly Temple] ». It is the zodiac - "measuring instrument". It is the Zodiac display of God: he has control over the all Heavenly Equator.


Chapter 7



The inclination of a terrestrial axis causes four astronomical positions of the Earth concerning the Sun: a Winter and Summer solstice, and the Spring and Autumn equinox. In a Gregorian calendar consisting of 12 months, the Winter solstice is necessary for December, 21st in leap year (and for December, 22nd in usual year).

The summer solstice is necessary for June, 20th in leap year (and for June, 21st in usual year). The spring equinox is necessary for March, 20th in leap year (and for March, 21st in usual year). The autumn equinox is necessary for September, 20th in leap year (and for September, 21st in usual year).

There is no difference in value of numbers between a solstice and an equinox (20th number in both cases in leap year and 21st number in usual year). In a Gregorian calendar above listed astronomical positions have individual no "the digital person» (displays).

In the mathematical universal calendar offered by us consisting of 13 months, a picture absolutely other. The summer solstice always is necessary on 4 Lion or July (Leo or Av, 4th). The autumn equinox always is necessary on the 12th Scorpion or October (Scorpio or Marcheshvan or Kheshvan, 12th). The winter solstice always is necessary on the 20th Capricorn or December (Capricorn or Tevet, 20th). The spring equinox always is necessary on the 24th Aries or March (Aries or Nisan or Neesan, 24th).

Digital values of these astronomical points have appeared multiple to figure "4" of the Summer solstice. Multiplying figure «4» by figure-multiplier "3", we receive value «12» or a point of the Autumn equinox. And if we will increase «4» by figure-multiplier "5" we receive value «20» or a point of the Winter solstice. Accordingly if we will increase «4» by figure-multiplier "6" we will receive value «24» or a point of the Spring equinox.

Progressively increasing number of seasons of year numerically is obvious: 4 (summer), 12 (autumn), 20 (winter) and 24 (spring) which characterizes dialectics of growth of year or «a ladder of year», or «a spiral of year». These astronomical points designated by a specified number of figures, the author named «quantum numbers» universal mathematical calendar.

Quantum points have among themselves the same distance in 3 months: the «4th» Lion (July, VII). It the «12th» Scorpion (October, X). The «20th» Capricorn (December, XIII) is and the 24th Aries (March, III).

Each calendar transformed to a 13-month's universal matrix, is focused on any quantum number. The Judaic calendar is fixed to quantum number "12" of the Autumn equinox. The calendar of Iran is fixed to quantum number "24" of the Spring equinox. The calendar of Saudi Arabia is fixed to quantum number "4" of the Summer solstice. To the same quantum number the calendar of India and a calendar of Maya is fixed. To quantum number "20" of the Winter solstice calendars of Japan, Vatican, Julian and Chinese, and also secular United Nations calendars, the USA and Russia (Fig. 15) are fixed.

The Mankind does not have any calendar which would be located in intervals between the specified quantum points. The accessory of any calendar to any quantum point is the main quantum condition for all 12 basic calendars of Mankind which have been above listed. Quantum numbers are a basis universal eternal mathematical (global, space) the Mankind calendar.

Nosovsky G.V. & Fomenko А.Т. are in their book «Tsar of Slavs» inform: «we will pay attention that the beginning of year always became attached to one of points of equinoxes or solstices. The winter solstice is located near to January, 1st. A spring equinox is - near to March, 1st. A summer solstice is - near to June, 1st. And, at last, an autumn equinox is - near to September, 1st.»




Fig. 15