Chapter 4


Till IV century CE the Roman emperors did not see a difference between Jewish protestant Jew Jesus Christ and an Orthodox Judaism. However in IV century CE emperor Konstantin I Great has found for itself (himself) useful to split the Jewish world on two parts. He has opposed Jews-Christians to Orthodox Jews. Emperor Konstantin I Great has made anti-Semites of Jews-Christians. It was logical purely political course after absolute failure of the predecessor of Roman Emperor Diocletian to liquidate Christianity. The wife of Emperor Diocletian herself was secret Christian, guilty, probably, in his destruction.

After that Christians-Jew became the worst enemies of orthodox Jews. Christianity, becoming the state religion of the Roman Empire, has ceased to be religion of small sect Christians-Jews. It became mass international state imperial Antisemitic religious Catholic movement of the early Middle Ages.

In 412 year CE the Christian archbishop of Egypt Cyril has crushed all synagogues in Alexandria, has plundered all Jews and has expelled all Jewish diaspora (some ten thousand persons) from Alexandria. Christians had been plundered and burnt the well-known library of Alexandria. The Christianity became militant state religion in Egypt in 100 years after Milan edict (313 CE) Christian emperor Konstantin of I Great.

In protection of Jews against pogroms by Christians before Orest the Roman prefect in Alexandria and the Roman emperor has openly acted a member of city council of Alexandria, the well-known scientific Greek woman Hypatia [(ca. AD [CE] 350/370–March 415) head of the Platonist school at Alexandria]. For it in 415 year CE under the direct order of Christian archbishop Cyril, her pupil, she has been brutally killed.

In a Christian temple of Kesarion her have alive skinned, using keen edges of sea cockleshells, and have burnt in a place under the name of Kinaron. Christians, many long years everywhere driven before, having found the power and force, unexpectedly became the most brutal persecutors of Jews and all others «enemies of Christian belief».

To an establishment of Christianity of the population of Russia used a lunni-solar Jewish Calendar of Russian Hazard Khaganate with four seasons of year. It was the Jewish seven-day week («sedmitza»). After establishment of Christianity, since 988 CE, in Russia have refused the Jewish calendar of Russian Hazard Khaganate and began to keep count of years on Julian calendar of the Roman empire from «Adam's creation», since mythical phantom Friday on March, 1st 5508 BCE. In Christian Russia the New Year began approximately with a point of a spring equinox, since March, 1st «from Adam's birth» unlike the beginning of year Hazard of Jews who began the New Year approximately with a point of an autumn equinox, since September, 1st » the same as and in Byzantium.

This tradition has been broken once in 1492 CE when Christian the theologians in Rome have lost to Judaic the theologians dispute about «Judgment day» (about "Doomsday" when God and the Son its Jesus Christ will come to the Earth and will all people to judge on their affairs at their life on the Earth).

(This theological idea has been stated for the first time in 1373 CE by the Byzantium theologian Isaac Agir convinced that "end of the world" ["Doomsday"] will occur in 119 years, that is in 1492 CE [119+1373=1492] or in 7000 year WC [1492+5508=7000]).

On the Jewish theological ideology, "Doomsday" is expected in 6000 AM that corresponds 2240 CE on Julian and to the Gregorian calendars (6000AM-3760AM = 2240CE) or in 7748 year WC (5508BCE + 2240CE=7748WC). However in Vatican Catholic theologians considered that "Doomsday" will come already in 1492 CE in 7000 years (5508BCE+1492CE=7000WC) from "Adam's" creation (7000 World Creation). Popes in Rome named these critical statements of the Jewish wise men «heresy of the Jewish».

However "Doomsday" for date 1492 CE declared by Vatican (1492CE + 5508BCE = 7000WC years «from Adam») has not occurred. The Jewish theologians in this question have appeared are right. Pope Catholic the theologians have in actual fact appeared "heretics". The Jewish theologians consistently defended opinion that "Doomsday" will come only on proprocession as early as 748 years (2240CE-1492CE = 748 years = 7748WC-7000WC). All who trusted the theologians of the Pope have sold for nothing all the property before expected by "Doomsday Date». Jews willingly bought up its property and have appeared in the big benefit finally.

When there has come disputable 1492 CE and «the Doomsday and Jesus Christ second coming» had no place, Catholicism has lost at once the infinite influence in the Christian world. Disintegration of the world of Catholicism under the name "Reformation" (Martin Luther in Germany, Ulrich Zwingli and Calvin in Switzerland and France, King Henry VIII in England) has begun. The epoch the Protestant era has begun. The uniform world of Catholicism has broken up to "Lutheranism", "Calvinism", "Hugennotizm", “Zwinglinism" and "Anglicanism".

Simultaneously Popes in Rome tried to prevent disintegration of the world Catholic system. They have with that end in view created Catholic "Counterreformation" and its punishing tool in the form of "Inquisition" led by Catholic Jew Thomas Torquemada offended in a youth by Orthodox Jews and moors-Moslems (Arabs). To Judaic wise men frankly revenged for their correctness in a question on "Doomsday" date. Jews began to pursue with special hatred all over the world that they were enriched for the account of the made a fool Catholics on direct fault of the theologians of Vatican which so severely were mistaken with calculation of date of "Doomsday".

In 1492 CE (in 7000 WC to year from «world creation») Russian tsar Ivan III under the influence of true of the Jewish wise men about discrepancy of Catholic Christian date of "Doomsday" has transferred the beginning of the New Year to Russia for September, 1st on the Jewish sample, instead of March, 1st. And only in 208 years after that tsar Peter I have returned Julian the New Year to Russia since January, 1st, 1700 CE (7208 year [WC] from «World Creations that is from Adam»).

For a basis Peter I took the Catholic sample of Europe and Sacred Roman Empire by date of approach of the New Year without recognizing thus, however, the Most Gregorian variant of the European calendar of 1582 CE. Therefore Russian Orthodox Church only since January, 1st, 1700 CE (only 312 years ago) for the first time has entered into Russia an era "A.D."

Till this day in Russia Russian Orthodox Church continues to use an out-of-date Egyptian calendar of a star Sirius the Roman emperor Julius Caesar from 45 years BCE in Peter I variant. Gregorian equinoctal the calendar of a star of the Sun has been entered into Russia by the Soviet government since February, 14th, 1918 CE.

Passive analogue calendars have got a church problem of celebrating of Easter in full deadlock. And only replacement of an analogue calendar by this mathematical calendar easily solves a problem of "correct" date of celebrating of a church holiday of Easter which will be fixed on a certain "correct" estimation, by means of a method «saws of operated synchronisation» and, thus, crisis of "bifurcation of dates of Easter» and approaching total «crisis of a church calendar of 2100» will be met.

[The archival Inquiry History of a calendar of Russia. «In Ancient Russia time account was conducted on four seasons of year. The Judaic lunni-solar calendar in which each 19 years included seven additional months was used. There was a seven-day week which was called «sedmitza».

Russian Grand dukes to 864 (to a Christianity establishment in Russia) carried a title of Kagan (from here there was a Russian surname "Kaganovich").

Russia was during this period the state of orthodox Judaic creed. All birch bark Reading and writing in Novgorod, found at excavation in large quantities before arrival to Hazaria Russia from Greece and Rome Cyril's Catholic monks and Mefodi in IX century CE (860 CE), have been written in Russian, but Hebrew the alphabet.

The first literacy and writing to Russia was brought by Jews of Hazard Kaganat. Hazard Jews from Kiev have extended to the Western Europe: Poland, Moravia where have made contact with Jews-Ashkenazi from Germany, Italy and France. On the Polish coins at that time inscriptions became Slavic language, but Hebrew the alphabet. One such inscription on the Polish coin is above resulted: «Michael - the king Polish».



Jews often used the Hebrew alphabet as the world uniform alphabet for records in other languages. The example of use of a Hebrew for records in the Arabian language is more low set.

The Judaic calendar was the first calendar in Russia. Transition of Russia in Christianity in 988 CE has led to transition to the Julian Roman calendar which Christians as the Christian belief has begun with Jesus Christ Crucifixion for Judaic Easter in 5509 year from Adam used that has been precisely fixed in Julian a calendar.

After suppression of revolt the Bar-Kokhba (131-135 CE), Romans have expelled (deported) the majority of Jews of the Earth of Israel. One group of Jews has been deported from Palestine to Spain (Jews-Sephardim), Romans deported the second group of Jews to Gallia, that is on territory of modern Germany and France (Jews-Ashkenazi). The third group of Jews-wanderers-newcomers (that is Jews-hazard) has been deported by the Roman Emperor Adrian to Crimea in 137 year СЕ. [vii]

So in Crimea there were Crimean Jews-hazard (that means "wanderers" or "exiles" or "newcomers") who have created the first and Europe and in the world early feudal the state formation of Slavs in the form of Jewish Russian Hazard Kaganat (Khazars Khaganate) in southern territories of modern Russia from Crimea to Kiev, and from the Caspian Sea (Hazard sea or Hazard sea) to the Black (Russian) sea.

Kagan (the tsar or beck) Obadiah approximately in 780 year CE has entered in Russia Judaism, as the main state religion. Kiev by estimations of foreigners was at that time «a city of synagogues» (in Kiev till our times have remained «Jew gate»).

Hazard Jew Obadiah (Obadiah, Ovadiah) (780 - 810CE) - descendant Bulan, is the founder of a dynasty of Hazard tsars (becks). The second (definitive) stage of fastening is connected with his name in Hazard of Judaism.

He has carried out large reforms. In religious area has established orthodox rabbis the Judaism form. He has built synagogues and schools. He has invited in the country of the Jewish wise men, having established it the generous maintenance. They have acquainted Hazard with Mishnah and the Talmud. In a political sphere became the founder of system of double board at which the countries for nominal governors Kagans remained only symbolical functions, and the management of the state was carried out by their assistants - descendants of Obadiah. The Judaism, thus, became Religion of the ruling state house.

For the dynasty has established more progressive order succession: instead of a traditional ladder principle from the big brother to younger, the throne began to be transferred strictly from the father to the son. However after board Ezekiel of son Obadiah and his grandson Manasseh his line was stopped also a throne has passed Hanukkah to brother of Obadiah.

Thus Crimea began to belong to violently moved Jews-hazard for 1105 before occurrence in Crimea Tatars-conquerors of Khan Baty (1240CE - 135CE=1105). Transition of Europe in Christianity was real disaster for all Jews expelled from Palestine, for all Jewish diaspora worldwide.

After Christianity establishment in 988 year CE the account of years began to conduct on Julian to a calendar from «world creation», is more exact - from «Adam's creation» - since Friday on March, 1st, having accepted the Byzantium variant of this date - 5508 year [BCE], but with some deviations. In Byzantium year began on September, 1st. In Russia, by ancient tradition, as the beginning of year considered spring, therefore year began on March, 1st.

At the time of Ivan III in 1492 CE (in 7000 year [BCE] from «world creation») the beginning of year has been transferred for September, 1st. The first printed church calendar in Russia is made on May, 5th, 1581 CE by Ivan Fyodorov.

Chronology operating in Russia from «world creation» was replaced with chronology A.D. with Peter I since January, 1st, 1700 (the difference between two systems of chronology makes 5508 years). Under the decree of the emperor from December, 19th (29), 1699 followed on January, 1st (11), 1700 CE. On December, 28th, 1708 CE the first civil calendar has been let out.

Manuscript page «the Guidebook lost» Rambam [Rabbi Moses Maimonides]. The Arabian language which has been written down Jewish [in a Hebrew] by letters. [i]

The Christian belief since 1242 CE in Russia has been strongly deformed under the influence of a gain of Russia by the Chingiz-khan (1155 or 1162 - on August, 25th 1227). The Habul-khan grandfather Genghis Khan, the Buddhist, was the rich leader of all Mongolian tribes, successfully waged wars with the next tribes.

The Genghis Khan, the native of Tibet, the successor of the Buddhist priest trusting in the Buddha who nevertheless absolutely seriously considered itself as the lineal descendant in the ninth generation from the thoroughbred Jew of Maiden Maria (Alan Goa or the Alansky Beauty) and consequently equal to Jew Jesus Christ (that is considered itself as his brother in the ninth knee). It turns out, what the Genghis Khan considered itself as "Jew"?! "Jew" khan Baty, correcting Russia (Ulus Dzhuchi) was the Christian, and his son "Jew" of Sartak - was the Christian priest. They too need to be ranked as"Jews"on the same logic of the Genghis Khan.

In 1313 CE "Jew" the Uzbek-Khan in Golden Horde has accepted Islam. From this point on in Russia began to esteem simultaneously and the Koran, and Psalter, both the Gospel and the Bible. On coins of tsar Vasily of III Ivanovich (1479-1533CE) in the Arabian language the Islamic creed has been written: «There is no God-Allah, except the Allah and Mohammed the envoy-prophet of his (Allah) ». On Russian military helmets the Christian cross adjoined near to citations from the Koran in the Arabian language. The Persian both Islamic dresses and headdresses (turban) were full dress Russian tsars and grandees. Russian Orthodoxy was in those times original «religious tolerant vinaigrette» epoch of the Tatar-Mongolian gain of Russia. It is essentially differed from Orthodox Catholicism of the Western Europe.

The Gregorian calendar in the Soviet Russia is entered since February, 14th, 1918 CE. With 1930 CE for 1940 CE the Soviet revolutionary calendar was used. »]

The Julian Egyptian calendar of a star Sirius was the main tool in calculations of Prophet Michel Nostradamus (on December, 14th 1503 ÷ on July, 2nd 1566 CE). Calculations Julius Caesar Scaliger (Scaliger, Julius Caesar, 1484÷1558 CE), the main astrologist of France and friend Nostradamus, also leant against the Julian Egyptian calendar in a variant of Pharaoh Ptolemy of III Everget. However Joseph Scaliger (Joseph Justus Scaliger, August, 5th, 1540CE÷ January, 21st, 1609 CE), the son Julius Caesar Scaliger and the founder of modern chronology, has proved all scientific conclusions on the basis of the Gregorian calendar of 1582 CE.

Let's underline that all Dates of the Eternal Uniform base Mathematical ("Universal") calendar offered by us are identical to all countries of the Planet (that is the same in any country of the World at any type of the national calendar led to the Uniform universal matrix).

Date «2013» СЕ = 1NE should become on January, 1st a Date of Introduction of the Uniform Eternal Abraham calendar of all Mankind. Should become «2013CE=1NE (GE) » "First" year of new calendar system. It makes sense to unite among themselves all previous an era of Mankind in one the New Abrahamic Era with date of its general "World" beginning from "Adam": «7520 WC» (2012CE +5508BCE = 7520WC = 1BNE). Or from the basis of Rome «2765 AUC» (2012 CE+753 AUC = 2765 AUC = 1 BNE).

Pre-Christian Era (since 5508 years BCE) together with the Christian era (2012CE) and the Galactic era, that is "Post Christian", (GE) [1GE=1NE=2013CE] form a uniform total Abrahamic Era of Mankind (5508+2012+1=7520WC+1GE=7521WC).

"The first" year of new calendar Abrahamic system of Judea will consider from date of the "phantom" Universal New Moon «Anno Mundi» (AM) or «Moon Creation» (MC) which Judaic wise men counted from date 3760÷3761 (AM), Monday, at 5 o'clock and 204 parts in the afternoon. Therefore the New Abrahamic Era Jew will calculate, as «5772AM (444*13=5772) =1BNE» (2012CE+3760AM=5772AM=1BNE). And accordingly: 5773AM = 1GE. On a calendar of Maya (МА) it will look: 3113MA+2012CE=5125MA=1BNE (BGE). And accordingly: 1MA = 1GE.

The objects of "Voyager -1" created by the person and "Voyager -2" on October, 9th, 2012 CE for the first time has left limits of Solar system. The American space probe of "Voyager-1” started on September, 5th 1977 CE. Its twin started the American space probe of "Voyager-2" on August, 20th 1977 CE that is on two weeks earlier "Voyager-1". After a meeting with the Neptune the trajectory of "Voyager-2" has deviated to the south. It is now its flight passes at an angle 48 ° to ecliptic, in a southern hemisphere. "Voyager-1" rises over ecliptic (an initial corner 38 °). Devices forever leave limits of solar system.

Voyager 2 launch on August 20, 1977 with a Titan IIIE/Centaur.


From «Voyager 1» the radio signal goes to the Earth about 17 hours (17 light hours), from «Voyager 2» the radio signal goes to the Earth about 13 hours (13 light hours). Now «Voyager 1» it is removed from the Sun more than on 17 billion kilometers (17 light hours). Its twin «Voyager 2», two weeks ago celebrated anniversary of start, is on distance more than 13 billion kilometers (13 light hours) from the Sun. «Their hours still tick, in spite of the fact that devices are space age relics».

In 8571 year CE - "Voyager-2" will be in 4 light years from star Barnard. In 20319 CE "Voyager-2" will pass on the minimum distance, 3.5 light years from a star Centaur Proxima. In 296036 CE "Voyager-2" will approach to star Sirius on distance of 4.3 light years. The round aluminium box containing the gilt video disk is attached to a board of each "Voyager". spacecraft.jpg

Voyager Golden Record Voyager 2


On a disk 115 slides on which the major scientific data, kinds of the Earth, its continents, various landscapes, scenes from a life of animals and the person, their anatomic structure and biochemical structure, including DNA molecule is collected are placed.

In a binary code necessary explanations are made and the site of Solar system concerning 14 powerful pulsars is specified. In quality of "a measured ruler" the super thin structure of a molecule of hydrogen (1420 MHz) is specified.

On a disk Carter's reference which in 1977 CE was the US president is written down also. The reference free translation sounds so:

"This device is created in the USA, the country with the population of 240 million persons among the 4-milliard population of the Earth. The mankind is still divided into the separate nations and the states, but the countries quickly go to a uniform terrestrial civilization. We direct to space it is the message. It, possibly, will survive during billion years of our future when our civilization will change and will reverse a face of the Earth. If any civilization intercepts "Voyager" and can understand sense of this disk, - here our message:

It is a gift from the small far world: our sounds, our science, our images, our music, our thoughts and feelings. We try to survive presently to live and in yours. We hope that such day when problems before which we stand today will be solved will come, and we will join a galactic civilization. These records represent our hopes, our determination and our good will in this Universe, huge and inspiring awe ".


Карта полета

The flight schemes are «Voyager 1» and «Voyager 2», 1977.

Ostensibly "Alien" (a rock painting of an epoch of a neolith).


Президенты США имели контакт с НЛО

US presidents had contact to UFO [ii]



In 212 CE in pagan Rome considered that centralism (patriarchs) in a Judaism it is finished after destruction of the Second Judaic temple in Jerusalem in 70 CE and definitive defeat of revolt the Bar-Kokhba in 135 CE. Judaic traditions is began to be spent since then is decentralized by rabbis (teachers) in the Jewish assemblies (meetings or "synagogues" as they named Greeks). Jews have ceased to consider as the small people dangerous to the Roman Empire. Therefore in 212 CE Emperor Caracalla granted to Jews the Roman citizenship.

Judaism as the state religion again has arisen approximately in 740 CE in Russian Hazaria Khaganate (or "State"). Russian Hazaria Khaganate has reached peak of the power, as the state, in the period with 780 on 810 CE at Khagan (or "Khan") Obadiah (or Ovadiah). Thus, the Western Christian world in Rome and Constantinople in 645 years (780 CE - 135 CE = 645 years) with surprise has found out in Kiev, Sarkel, Semender and Itil on huge open spaces between Caspian and Black by seas, between Dnepr river and Crimea similarity of resurrection "Jerusalem". Speaking in images, they in II century CE have thrown out the state Judaism from Roman Empire in a window, and it has returned to them in VIII century CE through an open door in the Eastern Europe.

The first attempt Christianization Russian Hazaria Khaganate has appeared unsuccessful. In 860 year CE Catholic monk Cyril (in the world of Konstantin by a nickname Philosophe, 827-869 CE, Rome) has been directed by Rome and Constantinople with the missionary purposes to a court yard Hazaria Khagan. Cyril's debate with the Muslim imam and the Jewish Rabbi, has taken place in the presence of Khagan. By the winner in debate the Rabbi who has dexterously pitted Cyril against the imam has been recognised and, having waited, when they completely discredit each other before Khagan in mutual dispute, then has easily proved Khagan of advantage of Judaic belief, leaning against good knowledge of the Torah-Bible written in original Aramaic language.

After that defeats in Rome and in Constantinople have thought up the new artful a lot of level program of repeated destruction of Judaism in early feudal Kiev Russian Hazaria Khaganate. The idea essence consisted of following stages.

Firstly, they have replaced letters (alphabet) Hebrew the alphabet with the Greek alphabet, having created in 863 CE two new alphabets: civil Slavic Cyrillic and Church-Slavic Glagolic. Two brothers, both Catholic Greek monks, Cyril and Mefodi (in the world of Mikhail have made it; 815 - 885 CE, Velegrad, Moravia).

Thought up by them two easy and simple for studying and use of the new Slavic alphabet with accurate unequivocal allocation of all vowel sounds that is important for Slavic language, have quickly superseded in territory of ancient Russia difficult for studying and use Hebrew the alphabet which does not have unequivocal allocation of vowel sounds that is not critical for a Hebrew and Aramaic languages.

For Slavic language the set of consonants Hebrew the alphabet is superfluous. In the Hebrew record of consonants depends on their site in a word: in the beginning, the middle or the end (so-called endnotes "Final", which five).

Seven [7] consonants have a double writing - the sound «V» (russian) «В» is transferred by two letters: «Bais» and «Vais», the sound «N» (russian) «Н» is transferred by two letters: «Noon» and «Final Noon», the sound «T» (russian) «Т» is transferred by two letters: «Teth» and «Tov», the sound «TS» (russian) «Ц» is transferred by two letters: «Tsadik » and "Final Tsadik", a sound «K» (russian) «К» is transferred by two letters: «Chof» and «Koof», the sound «F» (russian) «Ф» is transferred by two letters: «Fai» and "Final Fai", sound «M» (russian) «М» is transferred by two letters: «Mem» and "Final Mem".

The sound «S» (russian) «С» is transferred by three letters: «Samech», «Sov» and «Sinn», and the sound «KH» (russian) «Х» are transferred by four letters: «Hai», «Het», «Chof» and "Final Chof".

Transfer only seven [7] consonants are unequivocal: «L» (russian) «Л» (the letter «Lammed»), «G» (russian) «Г» (the letter «Gimmel»), «D» (russian) «Д» (the letter «Dalet»), «Z» (russian) «З» (the letter «Zayen»), «P» (russian) «П» (the letter «Pai»), «R» (russian) «Р» (the letter «Raish»), «SH» (russian) «Ш» (the letter of "Shinn").

Instead of endnotes Hebrew "Final" letters Initial Capital letters have been entered into the Slavic alphabet in the beginning of the sentence and a dot in the end of the sentence. In the Hebrew capital letters in general are absent. Sentences are divided by simple colons ("Shva" that means "rupture").

Dots and commas in the Hebrew are used for a designation of special full and short vowel sounds in over the line and under the line {«Iod» [Й] (english) [« «the short»], «Khirik» [И] (english) [I], «Kholam» [О] (english) [O], «Tserekh»[Э] (english) [E], «Seguol»[Е] (english) [YE], "Shva"[«colon» which means «rupture» or «the dot» or «termination of the sentences or phrase»], «Kubuts»[У] (english) [U], «Shuruk»[У] (english)[U], «Kamats»[А] (english) [A] and "Patakh"[А] (english)[A]}.

The vowel sound [Я] (english) [YA] is transferred by a combination of signs-letters «Iod + Kamats» and «Iod + Patakh». The Vowel sound [Ё] (english) [YO] is transferred by a combination of signs-letters «Iod + Kholam». The Vowel sound [Ю] (english) [YU] is transferred by a combination of letters-signs "Iod- Shuruk".

In a high Hebrew not necessarily designations of vowel sounds, but such special compact (shorthand) text can read only highly informed experts in the field of the Hebrew.

Signs «vowel» are put down round consonants sideways to the left of the letter, and also from above and from below letters, as the toys decorating the New Year tree. Therefore, if all vowels to left, "the shorthand" compact letter easily turns out.

In the Hebrew there is only one absolutely independent letter «Ahyin», which in itself means unequivocally only a sound "A". But it is in the pure state used seldom. Instead of it, as a rule, use such, duplicating each other underline «vowels»-letters, as «Kamats» and "Patakh" (which designate the same sound "A" with the given consonant). Such way vowels easily forms syllables with the given concrete consonants, but at all does not allow to split up a word for separate syllables and to do carryings over. Absence of independent vowels letters is radical feature a Hebrew, distinguishing it from Slavic alphabets and Slavic writing.

In the Hebrew there is a special letter "alef" - the first letter Hebrew alphabets which in general is not present analogue in Russian writing. The letter "alef" in itself does not designate any sound. At it some special functions. When the letter "alef" is placed in the end of a word, it replaces "shwa" sign, that is means the end of a word or "rupture".

When the letter "alef" "is decorated" signs-letters above linear, under linear and lateral on vowel sounds the letter "alef" transfers particularly these vowel sounds and thus completely duplicates two more other letters Hebrew alphabets, namely: the letter «Ahyin» and the letter «Vov». It is the letter "alef" if to speak chess language, simultaneously both "queen", and "king" of the Hebrew. It is simultaneously "everything", itself thus being "anything". The Hebrew is a special philosophy of the graphic letter, analogue to which simply is not present in one other written language of the world.

Such feature of the letter "alef" provides exclusive flexibility of a Hebrew in transfer of a musical sound number. Unlike Russian the Hebrew is simultaneously musical notes. Signs above linear and subscript signs of musical sounds and tonalities allow singing correctly any word written in a Hebrew. Therefore the same sounds are written in a Hebrew by different letters on a different are sung.

The Hebrew is double language: it displays simultaneously both speech and music. It is impossible to make to the full basically an adequate translation from the Hebrew on any other language. It is impossible to translate a musical component of the Hebrew. At any transfer it is lost irrevocably.


Slavic languages of such variant «without vowels» have no writing. Such type of the letter was very valuable, when wrote texts on expensive manufactured skin (parchment), to very expensive security and a fabric. Slavic languages have developed other types and rules of an abbreviated notation of texts for the same economic reasons.

Designations of vowel sounds in the Hebrew it is superfluous: the same vowel sounds are designated in several different ways. Russian borrowed from the Hebrew only three vowels letters: over the line the letter "Iod" for a designation «Й» [«I» «the short»], the underline letter «Tserekh» [two dots nearby] which uses not to destination exclusively, as the underline letter in the sound image «Ё»[YO] and, at last, a unique independent vowel "A" to which transformed the vowel letter «Ahyin».

Cyril and Mefodi have transferred to the Slavic alphabet practically almost without changing the spelling following of 12 consonants from the Hebrew (without them «Final» execution, in those cases where it was): «(russian) «М», «(russian) «Л», «(russian) «Г», «(russian) «Д», «(russian) «З», «(russian) «П», «(russian) «Ф» «(russian) «Р», «SH» (russian) «Ш», «KH» (russian) «Х» [in a variant «Kof»], «TS» (russian) «Ц» and «(russian) «Н».

Such successful combination of three alphabets: the Hebrew Latin and Greek, has facilitated to Slavs transition to "purely Slavic alphabet from «a pure» Hebrew. The Russian name of the "ALPHABET" occurs from the alphabet name in the Hebrew («Aleph»+ «Bais»=«Al (e) pha Bет»).

The epoch of Russian Khazaria Khaganate has left huge indelible historical "birthmark" in a civilization of Russia in the form of 39% of letters of the Russian alphabet (12 consonants Hebrew + 1 vowel of a Hebrew = 13 letters of a Hebrew/33 letters of the Russian alphabet = 39.39%), which have the direct origin from the Hebrewand which all we use today without understanding it.

Secondly, in 884 CE (already one after early death of the brother) has finished Mefodi transfer into Church-Slavic language of the Jewish Torah-Bible from Greek Septuagint (70 interpreters), and also has translated all the basic Greek ««Holy paternal» books, including all four Gospel as which the Protestant idea that Jew Jesus Christ is the Messiah that contradicted Judaism principles affirmed. All basic books necessary for high-grade Christian divine service in Slavic language have been translated.

The Greek Torah-Bible-Septuagint was created by 72 Judaic interpreters- wise mans. They have made the authorized transfer from original Aramaic language on Greek in Alexandria in Egypt at the Greek Pharaoh of Egypt Ptolemy of II Philadelfe (Greek: Πτολεμαῖος Φιλάδελφος, Ptolemaîos Philádelphos, 309–246 BC) was the king of Ptolemaic Egypt from 283 BC to 246 BC. He was the son of the founder of the Ptolemaic kingdom Ptolemy I Soter and Berenice).

Transfer of Greek Septuagint has appeared very successful Slavic transfer of a Torah-bible. It became a determinative of fast process of transition of the Slavic population from Judaic belief to Christianity. The church service in native Slavic language had decided advantage before service on not clear Greek, Aramaic, a Hebrew or Latin. It became accessible to wide broad masses, not имеювшим good linguistic foreign formation.

Thirdly, Pope Adrian II and Pope John VIII in 880 CE have directly demanded, that Christian sermons in Czech (Moravia), to Poland and in Russia were said on Slavic, and «who begins to concern contemptuously books, written on Slavic, that will be separated and prosecuted Churches», for such people an essence "wolves".

Fourth, has been planned and in 862 CE revolution in Russian Hazaria Khaganate is carried successfully out by hands of the western Varangians pagans serving in a team of great Slavic prince Gostomysl under Swedish Konung by Rurik and his brother of "Prophetic" Oleg (shaman-pagan).

Konung Rurik was married to the younger daughter of Grand Slavic prince (duke) Gostomysl. After the probable murder by Rurik of Grand Slavic prince (duke) Gostomysl, Rurik and his brother Oleg usurped the power in Russia. His elder son Vadim the Bold (Vadim the Novgorodian, Vadim Horobry) which also has been killed by Rurik in 864 year CE was son-at-law Gostomysl (the younger daughter of Gostomysl was his wives).

Any special invitation from Slavs for Varangians-Normans for «good management of Russia» never was. It is obviously later scientific falsifications of usurpation of the power by Varangians (Norman "theory" of Russian statehood). However Varangians-pagans became a vassal part early feudal Russian Hazaria Khaganate, having lost it all battles. Commander Pesah has literally crushed "prophetic" Oleg's team and last has sworn to be its vassal. The Judaism therefore remained the main state religion in Russia.

Olga (890 - on July, 11th 969 CE), "Prophetic" Oleg's daughter, has been married for the cousin (cousin) Igor I of Rurik (878-945 CE) in 903 CE at the age of full 12 years. Grand duke Igor I of Rurik was 24 years old at the moment of a marriage on Cousin Olga. Sviatoslav I Igorevich (942 - March 972 CE) was born, when Olga was 52 years old, and to his father - 64 years. After a birth of Sviatoslav, Olga had the second son by name of Gleb.

Fifthly, the Roman bishop Adalbert of Magdeburg possibly christened Olga in 955 CE on the Roman ceremony in Kiev. It has caused jealousy of Constantinople. In 957 CE Olga was invited to Constantinople by emperor Konstantin of VII. In Constantinople Olga christened (in a christening of Elena) on the Greek ceremony the Roman II Younger, the son and соправитель emperor Konstantin VII, and patriarch Polievkt in the period since Wednesday on September, 9th (Olga's arrival) and till Sunday on October, 18th 957 CE. Following her baptism she took the Christian name Yelena, after the reigning Empress Helena Lekapena.

Thereupon 1547 CE Grand duchess Olga has been ranked as a face sacred and "Equal to the Apostles". Such honor have received 5 more sacred women in a Christian history (Maria Magdalena, martyr Fyokla, martyr Apfia, Tsarina Elena "Holy Equal-to-the-Apostles Olga" and educator Georgia Nina).

Therefore memory Holy Equal-to-the-Apostles Olga is celebrated as Orthodox Churches Russian (and Greek) traditions on July, 11th on Julian to a calendar, and Catholic western churches - on July, 24th on Gregorian.

It is Sviatoslav I Igorevich, 15 full years old, and his younger brother Gleb, accompanied mother with Embassy to Constantinople. Most likely, both of them too have accepted a christening, but mentions of it in chronicles of Byzantium are not present and on it there are objective reasons. It is after a repeated christening in Byzantium, from Olga was the obligation and Rome is taken, and Constantinople to wage war against Judaic Russian Hazaria Khaganate. Grand duke Sviatoslav I Igorevich by an outcome 965 CE, having a straight line support Byzantium, in a series of campaigns has seized power in Russian Hazaria Khaganate, having put defeat by the Overlords. Modern arms, the best, than at the contender, it has received from Byzantium. From two parties (Byzantium and Russia) Russian Hazaria Khaganate has not sustained simultaneous blow.

However the Judaism in Russia has held on to 988 CE. And to it were two circumstances. First, very competent and formed Hazaria Jew Malusha, on a nickname "the carrier of keys" was the wife of Grand duke Svyatoslav I Igorevich. It was «the Minister of Economics and the finance» in the government of Grand duchess Olga (knew keys from all barns, storehouses and treasury, conducted the state account and the control).

Her brother, Hazaria Jew-athlete Dobrynia Nikitich, was the chief of bodyguard of Grand duchess Olga, combatant Svyatoslav I Igorevich. The well-known athlete Ilia Muromets served in bodyguard of Princess Olga under a command of Dobrynia in Russia.

Vladimir I "Gorgeous sunshine", son Svyatoslav I Igorevich and Malusha «the carrier of keys», was the Hazaria Jew on mother. The Jewish Hazaria diaspora in Kiev differed huge influence at court of Grand duchess Olga.

This Judaic diaspora certainly recognised Svyatoslav I Igorevich as new Hazaria Khagan and completely to it has obeyed. It was offered to it to enter Judaism officially, as the state religion in Russia. But for this purpose it was necessary to break Christian Byzantium. Judea of Kiev have put up money in equipment of huge army Svyatoslav I Igorevich, and he has dared at war with Byzantium, well having paid the allies: to Bulgarians, Pechenegs and to Hungarians. Against war with Christian Byzantium his younger brother, Christian Gleb has resolutely acted, for what Svyatoslav I Igorevich publicly executed him.

In the spring 970 years CE Svyatoslav I Igorevich in the union with Bulgarians, Pechenegs and Hungarians at the head of well-armed 30-thousand army has attacked possession of Byzantium in Thrace and has reached walls of Tsargrad-Constantinople, but take it could not. Having received a rich tribute from Emperor John I Tzimiskes and having concluded with it the new peace treaty, Svyatoslav I Igorevich, has returned to Bulgaria.

However emperor John I Tzimiskes has dexterously and artfully deceived rectilinear («I go on you») Svyatoslav I Igorevich. John I Tzimiskes used a respite. It has collected and has well equipped huge 100-thousand army, and then unexpectedly personally in April 971 years CE were opposed by Svyatoslav at the head of army, having sent to Danube fleet from 300 ships to cut off a unique way of deviation русам.

It has well-adjusted investigation. Also has very risky spent all huge army through unique pass, on which Svyatoslav I Igorevich has not put fighting protection. It was the roughest strategic error of Svyatoslav I Igorevich. Defense on this pass easily new «300» Spartans against John’s I Tzimiskes all army quite could hold. This strategic error cost to it of loss of all war and destruction finally. John’s I Tzimiskes occurrence on plain where it could use the heavy cavalry with the big success was resolute, prompt and unexpected.

John I Tzimiskes has counted on physical elimination commanders Rus’s as they played at Rus’s special, the leading part the personal unusual physical preparation, mind and daring. They did not feel sorry for themselves, went in the forefront, carrying away behind itself all army and always won, being even in minority. Emperor John I Tzimiskes had been created special «assault commands» by which one problem in fight was put only: murder of the commander Rus. And this tactics has achieved the object.

Both main things commanders Rus have fallen in fights: Ikmor both Sfenkel. Svyatoslav has been wounded also. Commander Ikmor (950 - on July, 20th 971, Dorostol) was the nearest associate of Great Russian prince Svyatoslav. It used honor not thanks to an origin or an arrangement of the prince, and for one only the valour and the outstanding anthropometrical data. The Lev Diakon wrote about it: "There was between Scythians of Ikmor, a brave husband of the huge growth, [first] after Sfendoslav [that is Svyatoslav] the leader of an army whom [Scythians] esteemed on advantage the second among them. Surrounded with group of the soldiers approached to it, it has furiously directed against soldiers of Byzantium and has personally amazed many of them."

During one of sorties at a siege of Dorostol in 971 CE commander Ikmor in a duel with Anemas, the Byzantium wonderful athlete and the personal bodyguard of emperor John I Tzimiskes, has unexpectedly been decapitated that has caused (according to the Byzantium historian Lev Diakon) confusion and a panic in Russian army which successfully restricted before Byzantines. Russian, carrying away a body of the victim commander, has hasty receded back to walls of Dorostol with the big losses for itself.

In this situation Svyatoslav I Igorevich has left Bulgaria. Under the new contract he is compelled has entered a vassal humiliating military alliance for Russia with Byzantium and restored with it the trade relations interrupted with war.

On these conditions of Svyatoslav has left Bulgaria, strongly weakened by wars in its territory. But he also did not suspect to stop the business war with Byzantium as it blocked Russia the main trading way «from Varangians in Greeks» and selected the basic income from duties from merchants.

Svyatoslav I Igorevich has sent commander Sveneld behind a new army to Kiev, and he remained to winter on island Khortitsa, trying to agree again about a military alliance with Pechenegs for a new campaign to Tsargrad which he has planned on 972 CE. But also here Emperor John I Tzimiskes has outwitted Svyatoslav I Igorevich.

He has finished with it another's hands, has bought up Kuria, the Khan of Pechenegs and Kuria has betrayed Svyatoslav I Igorevich. At the next negotiations when Svyatoslav I Igorevich has come to him without protection on thresholds of Dnepr, as to the ally. Kuria has killed Svyatoslav I Igorevich that has allowed Emperor John I Tzimiskes to grasp all spoils of war and military equipment Svyatoslav stored in his military warehouses on island Khortitsa. Thus, the Judaic party in Kiev has definitively lost war of Christian Byzantium for the control over the main trade way by «from Varangians in Greeks».

To Jew Vladimir I "Gorgeous Sunshine" [«Red Sun»] was necessary forcedly and as a vassal to obey to Byzantium urgently. He has unconditionally accepted the offer on a totalforcedly christening of Russia, he was christened and married in sister of the Byzantium Emperor. His friend, baptize the Jew on a surname of Jewish, became the first Christian bishop in Novgorod.

In 1125 CE Grand duke Vladimir Monomakh on request of Constantinople and Rome has expelled all Hazaria Jews from limits of Russia. They have left to the Western Europe through Poland where have mixed up with Jews-Ashkenazi and with Jews-Sephardim. In the Western Europe they have got to a whirlpool of a medieval feudal genocide of Rome and have appeared isolated in a ghetto under a complete control of Papal Inquisition.

But soon in Russia have found out that all trade «from the Varangians in Greeks» has moved together with the expelled Khazaria Jews to the Western Europe. Trading ways «from the Varangians in Greeks» have gone through Venice and Genoa instead of through Russia and Byzantium. But it was late.Under the "good" management of anti-Semites of Varangians-Normans Russia in 1237 CE has got under «tatar-mongol a yoke», and Byzantium amazed with anti-Semitism, in 1453 CE has stopped the existence under blows a Turksbetrayed by the anti-Semite the Pope in Rome.

All medieval kings of Catholic Europe very much were proud of that each of them possessed the most sacred relic presented by him personally by the Pope in Rome: an extreme flesh of "Messiah Jesus Christ» that was obvious nonsense and it was ruthlessly derided by all Educators in all Europe. And this ruthless criticism has yielded finally the fruits.

In 1807 CE Jews has released from a ghetto the French analogue of the first lord-protector of Great Britain epoch of early English capitalism of Oliver Cromwell, the first emperor of early French capitalism Napoleon I Bonaparte whom, as well as Cromwell in England, was in great need in money of bankers-Jews (Rothschild French and English branches) on which it has broken all feudal Catholic monarchic Europe, having entered into it a new economic formation of the Jewish capitalism (Napoleon's code). All industrialization of Europe and science lifting has been spent on money of bankers-Jews from the former European Jewish ghettoes.

The first Emperor of early French capitalism Napoleon I Bonaparte became political «battering ram» for development of the Jewish capitalism in Europe, completely replaced with itself medieval European feudalism and its political ideological form in the form of total Christianization which was its theological product. Therefore one their main requirements of Great French (antifeudal) revolution there was full a destruction of institute of feudal Christianity together with institute of the royal feudal power.

All Catholic feudal Christian Churches in the first years of Great French antifeudal revolution have been closed. The Antichristian Company has resulted and to replacement of the Gregorian Christian Catholic calendar with the new revolutionary is underlined by an Antichristian calendar. The French republican (revolutionary) calendar has been entered into France during Great French revolution by the decree of National convent from October, 5th, 1793, and is cancelled Napoleon I Bonaparte since January, 1st, 1806.

Napoleon I Bonaparte has returned a Christian Catholic Gregorian calendar to France. By council Talleyrand he has returned Catholicism to France and again has opened all medieval Christian temples, for what has acquired the right to be crowned as the Emperor of Frenchmen from Pope Pius VII [251st Pope Pius VII (Pius PP. VII; count Gregorio Luigi Barnaba Chiaramonti, ital. Gregorio Luigi Barnaba Chiaramonti; on August, 14th 1742 - on August, 20th 1823)]. Pope Pius VII has agreed to crown of Napoleon I Bonaparte by the Emperor of Frenchmen and personally was present on this crowning of the emperor which has occurred on December, 2nd, 1804 CE in the cathedral Notre Dame De Paris.

The criticism of ideology of Christianity was severe, ruthless and destroying. «The Red Bishop» clumsy and lame Talleyrand [Charles Maurice de Talleyrand-Périgord, prince de Bénévent, the prince de Talleyrand (French: [ʃaʁl moʁis də tal(ɛ)ʁɑ̃ peʁiɡɔʁ]; 1754–1838) - French politician and the diplomat holding a post of the Minister for Foreign Affairs at three modes], has served in Paris last a solemn mass in honor of the Federation Holiday on July, 14th, 1790 CE then it has removed from himself a cloak of the Catholic bishop, at once became «the convinced atheist» and has passed to revolution service.

Talleyrand (and its friend Fushe) have counted on small general Bonaparte whom they have enlisted through Josephine Bogarne, the mistress and spy Fushe, and have made Josephine Bogarne the wife of the small general to have possibility to supervise his all 24 hours a day.

All four become close allies and joint efforts have successfully carried out revolution 18 Brumaire (on November, 17th, 1799 CE). In Napoleon I Bonaparte's government he became the Minister for Foreign Affairs.

Napoleon was a political toy in hands of Talleyrand and Fushe. They "have made" he the Emperor of Frenchmen and they have betrayed he, when have ceased to require him.

Favorite expression of artful and absolutely unscrupulous bribe taker Talleyrand [friend Joseph Fouché, 1st Duc d'Otrante (21 May 1759 Le Pellerin, near Nantes, France – 25 December 1820 Trieste, then part of the Austrian Empire, now Italy) was a French statesman and Minister of Police under Napoleon I. In English texts, his title is often translated as Duke of Otranto, the Minister of Internal Affairs of Napoleonic France] was: «Language is given the person to hide the thoughts». When he has died, anybody in it has believed at once neither in France, nor to England, counting it his next cunning and a dirty trick. Absolutely serious people with surprise asked each other, trying to realize this fact of his death: «And what for it was necessary for him that yet did not suffice him»?



Mongol-Tatars not had any chance to subdue Russia. Their numerous cavalry was their main force which could come successfully only in the spring and in the beginning of summer when the steppe became covered by a fresh and juicy grass. Without forage for horses any offensive was not possible. Nomads-cattlemen Mongol-Tatars not had agriculture which Russian owned in perfection that allowed Russian to have fodder grain and an oats for horses all year long.

On Kalka in 1223 CE Mongol-Tatars, apparently, have won fight by cunning because of treachery Kumans which have been broken by them also and steels their vassals. In the spring of 1223 the 30-thousand groups from Genghis Khan Armies under leadership of commanders of Dzhebe and Subede has intruded in Northern Black Sea Coast and has crushed armies of Kuman Khan Kotyan.

Commanders of Dzhebe and Subede have decided to entice perfect Russian armies into in advance placed strategic trap in steppes. Under their requirement, Kotyan which have become, most likely, by the traitor, has applied about the help to the father-in-law to Russian prince Mstislav Daring with words: "Nowadays they took our earth, tomorrow take yours".  

Mstislav Daring has believed this provocation. It has urgently collected council of princes in Kiev and has convinced them of necessity of struggle against new nomads. He has intimidated princes that having subordinated Kumans, Mongols will attach them to the army and then Russia will face much more terrible invasion, than before. Mstislav has suggested not to wait similar turn of events, and yet late to incorporate Kumans, to go to steppe and to inflict defeat over aggressors in their territory.Acted

The collected army was headed by the senior prince Mstislav Old of Kiev. Russians had begins the campaign in April, 1223. The perfect team of athlete Alyosha Popovich was the main force.

According to annals the Rostov boyar Alexander (Olesha) Popovich well-known was brave"(the perfect soldier). He at first served Vsevolod the Big Nest, and then to his son Konstantin Vsevolodovich against his brother and the applicant for Vladimir Table of Yury II Vsevolodovich, and Alexander Popovich kills in duels of several best soldiers of Jury. With Konstantin's death and reign Jury (1218 CE) he has driven off to the Kiev Grand duke Mstislav Old and together with him was lost in fight at Kalka in 1223.

All military plans of Russian princes, possibly, have been given out by Kumans to Mongol-Tatar commanders of Dzhebe and Subede. During fight of Kumans have unexpectedly turned the weapon against Russian combatants and have crumpled them. In Russian team the panic has begun. Battle has been lost. At Kalka was lost nine Russian princes. And only every tenth soldier has returned home. Cunning was the main weapon of Mongol-Tatars.

In 1237 CE Khan Batu used conflicts between Russian Rurik Norman princes. "Offended" considered itself at a sharing of a fatherly ancestral lands prince Yaroslav Vsevolodovich and his son prince Alexander Jaroslavovich ("Nevsky"). They have entered in secret negotiations with khan Batu against all other relatives-princes.

In December 1237 CE Prince Yaroslav Vsevolodovich has unexpectedly disappeared from Kiev. In some days from Kumans the earths the joint campaign of armies of Batu and Yaroslav Vsevolodovich has begun camping to Ryazan which along with Kiev and Vladimir was grand duchy. In Novgorod which still was recently considered as Merchant-seigniorial republic, a year before Yaroslav has planted on reigning of fifteen-year son Alexander. Jury II Vsevolodovich, brother of Yaroslav Vsevolodovich, was the grand duke in town Vladimir.

After prompt defeat of the Ryazan armies, having subdued Vladimir's cities-vassals, allied armies have besieged Vladimir, capital of grand duchy which was left by Jury (it George II) though in annals it names Gyurgen. Sons of Gyurgen after Vladimir's falling have receded in residence of the father on City River. Here on March, 4th 1238 CE Jury-Gyurgen armies have been broken; the prince has been killed in battle. And already next day on March, 5th 1238 CE the Grand duke of Vladimir had been selected Yaroslav Vsevolodovich.

On March, 17th 1238 allies has acted in a campaign to Novgorod. But Mongol-Tatars have not reached Novgorod, as at the approach to Novgorod, the last have sent messengers who have confirmed the own fidelity for prince of Yaroslav, his son Alexander and Khan Batu. Therefore here all has done without bloodshed. About natural boundary Ignach Krest, without having reached about 200 km Novgorod, the Tatar-Mongolian army has turned to town Kozelsk.

In the Horde at Khan Berge has been founded the orthodox diocese led by Bishop Cyril. Mongol-Tatars, beginning since the Chingiz-Khan, were orthodox Christians. The Khan of Golden Horde became analogue of the Pope in Rome. The Pope gave out "labels" on the royalty in the Western Europe, and the Khan of Golden Horde who has de facto appropriated functions of the orthodox Patriarch, did the same in the Eastern Europe. They rigidly and irreconcilably competed among themselves for the vassals.

Alexander Nevsky (on May, 13th 1221 CE, Pereslavl-Zalessky - on November, 14th 1263 CE, Gorodets) was twice visited by envoys of Pope Innocent IV. They suggested to him to replace the suzerain and to receive from hands of the Pope a crown of the King of Russia. The military help of all Western Europe against the Khan of Golden Horde has been promised to Alexander Nevsky. The Western Europe very much was afraid that such invincible military genius as Grand duke Alexander Nevsky, and the Khan of Golden Horde Batu will easily subdue entire Western Europe if will want.

In 1251 CE to Alexander Nevsky to Novgorod there have arrived two cardinals with bull from the Pope. Almost simultaneously in town Vladimir his brother Andrey Jaroslavovich with Ustiny Danilovna was crowned on a Catholic ceremony with Metropolitan Cyril who associate Daniel Galitsky's to whom the Pope offered a royal crown still in 1246-1247 CE. The same year the Lithuanian prince Mindovg has accepted Catholic belief, thereby have secured protection the own earths from Knights Teutonic.

The Khan of Golden Horde for this "crime" has expelled from Russia to Sweden prince Andrey Jaroslavovich who has secretly passed in Catholicism. His father, Grand duke Yaroslav Vsevolodovich who too conducted secretly negotiations with the Pope, the Khan of Golden Horde has poisoned, and then for this the same "crime" Grand duke Alexander Nevsky has been poisoned also.

The role of Antisemitic Byzantium in the history of Russia after 1237 CE has quickly come to naught. Byzantium has become weak has come begging to Catholic Antisemitic Rome, searching at Rome for protection from attacking in it a Turk.

In 1438 CE Byzantium has entered in vassal unia with Catholic Rome, having refused Orthodoxy. In 1438 CE in Ferrara (Italy) has begun the work the Ferraro-Florentine cathedral which has ended in Florence in 1439 CE. It was called by Pope Eugenie IV for the purpose of joining of orthodox churches of the East with Rome, in full conformity with the medieval Catholic doctrine asserting that all bishops of the world should be administratively subordinated to the Pope.

On July, 5th 1439 CE unia have signed 116 Latin hierarches led by the Pope and East 33 hierarches on severe constraints of Rome. Among them was both Russian metropolitan Isidor and accompanying him the bishop Suzdal Avraham. Metropolitan Isidor has received in Rome in the award for the efforts a title of the cardinal-presviter and the legate for countries of Eastern Europe. On the arrival to Moscow of metropolitan Isidor the Grand duke Vasily II declared him of "heretic", has ordered to arrest and cloister.

But even the uniatic the humiliation any more has not rescued Antisemitic Byzantium. In 1453 CE Byzantium has stopped the existence. Catholic Antisemitic Rome has betrayed Byzantium, leaving her without receiving it any real help in protection against enemies. Constantinople has been won by Turks and became Istanbul. Turkey and Ottoman Empire, unlike Byzantium and Rome, did not suffer from anti-Semitism and were always benevolent to the Jewish diaspora, having from its huge benefit for itself.

Norman (Varangians) princes [which clever in any way you will not name], were the valid and unique reason of the Tatar-Mongolian Yoke in Russia in a current of 354 years (1591 - 1237 = 354 years). This Tatar-Mongolian Yoke has transformed Russia into catastrophically backward country from the Western Europe. Only on July, 6th, 1591 (instead of during time «Standings on the river the Urge» in 1480 CE) the Moscow armies under command of boyar Boris Godunov definitively have broken armies of Crimean Khan Gazi-Giray [Gazi-Giray (1588-1607), put to flight under walls of Moscow] in area ford through the Moscow River near village Kolomna and villages Vorobyevo («the Second Kulikovsky fight»).

In last fights of this failure campaign for the Crimean khanate was seriously injured and the Khan the Gazi-Giray. One third of army which has left in a campaign has returned to the Ulus only.

Boyar Boris Godunov for this brilliant victory over Crimean Khan Gazi-Giray has been awarded by tsar Feodor of I Ioannovich and the seigniorial Duma the trophy gold vessel named "Mamay", grasped at the won Tatars in the field of Kulikovsky in 1380 CE («the First Kulikovsky fight»). It was last case of an attack of Tatars to Russia when they have managed to reach walls of Moscow.

Since then this ford through the Moscow River has been named by "Crimean" in memory of a remarkable victory of armies of Boris Godunov over the Crimean Tatars of Khan Gazi-Giray. Then on this place through the Moscow River has been constructed the bridge which already under the ford name named as «the Crimean Bridge».

When boyars Romanovs have come to power in Russia in 1613 CE, they forged history (have forged annals), and have physically destroyed monuments of those great historical events to hide from history a military victory Boris Godunov, equal on the value to a victory of Grand duke Dmitry Donskoy.

Simultaneously, probably, boyars Romanovs have meaningly confused also all history of the First Kulikovsky fight closely connected with Second Kulikovsky fight, having transferred its place from under walls of the Kremlin on Solyanka street (where till now there are artefacts of huge military fight in the form of the rests of huge communal graves) to the Tver region where in any way centuries cannot find any significant artefact of huge battle on a small field less than 2 km2 (two square kilometers) where there cannot be physically simultaneously more than 30 thousand persons of infantry and the most dense build, though at Russian was not less than 40 thousand persons of infantry, and at Mamay not less than 90 thousand persons of infantry. Immediately after battles the Moscow boyar Michael Alexandrovich has given the sad report to Grand duke Dmitry about  destruction «12 Russian princes, 483 boyars and teams of 253 thousand, and remains at us [in live] teams of only 40 thousand».

Besides, was at Russian horse ambush a regiment in 20 thousand horsemen which has won battle. There was a cavalry and at Mamay. But not one nail from a horseshoe of a horse have not found till now. There is Arabian fairy tales, instead of scientific history.

The area of a field of Grunwald fight (Battle of Grunwald, July 15th, 1410), for comparison, was twice more and made about 4 km² and on it the 66-thousand army has hardly taken places: 27 thousand knights of the Teutonic award - in two lines front in 2,5 km and 39 thousand soldiers of incorporated polsko-litovsko-Russian - in three lines front in 2-2,5 km. Till now on this field possible find artefacts of that terrible medieval military fight, instead of skeletons of mice by means of the newest georadar.




The Christianity was the key state ideological tool of the "first" and "second" estates [classes] (Aristocracy and Clergy) in compulsory vassal (that is feudal) operation of the "third" estate (bourgeoisie: large wholesale merchants, bankers, retail dealers or small shopkeepers,owners of manufactory manufactures and craft shops) and "the fourth" estate [classes] (peasants, semi-slaves, lackeys, farm laborers, slaves, handicraftsmen, workers and poor proletarians). In the bulk the third estate has been presented byrich Jews.

To the middle of XVII-th century CE in medieval Great Britain the third estate has saved up huge financial resources and knowledge, to apply which to development of large capitalist manufacture (essentially new productive forces of a society) stirred old feudal industrial [imperious] relations (a feudal political superstructure) in the name of concrete tyrannical absolute monarch (autocratic) royalty and the higher Christian clergy, owning all earths, all property of a society, formation (universities, schools), army, fleet, legal proceedings, compulsion and punishment system (prisons, camps, penal servitudes), temples.

The third estate has started to conduct an irreconcilable class race for power (for power repartition, for a new political superstructure of a society) with the first and the second estates. There were everywhere secret revolutionary societies, including "masons".

Young Charles I Stewart (the king of England, Scotland and Ireland from March, 27th, till January, 30th 1649) at once has got under influence of the favourite of father (was the favourite, claimed by some to be the lover, of King James I of England) George Villiers, 1st Duke of Buckingham (28 August 1592 - 23 August 1628) which was described by Alexandre Dumas-father in the immortal a novel «The Three musketeers» [«Les trois mousquetaires»].

Duke Buckingham was the convinced apostle tyrannical absolute monarchy. He has differed outstanding abilities. Oliver Cromwell never would appear on a political arena if Duke Buckingham had not been assassinated by the political opponents from the third estate. First three years of board of Charles I Stewart have passed under actual management of Duke Buckingham which has counted on outstanding people from second estate who were of well-educated and politically correct. 


Practically from the very beginning of the board Charles I began to involve actively on the higher state posts of bishops (the second estate). John Spottiswoode (1565—26 November 1639), the Archbishop of St Andrews, the Lord Chancellor of Scotland since 1635 became the First person of royal administration of Scotland. The majority in royal council has passed to bishops. This fact became the reason of "Bishops' Wars» and has served as the beginning of Civil war in England.

From 1642, Charles fought the armies of the English and Scottish parliaments in the English Civil War. At the head of fighters with tyrannical absolute monarch the Aristocracy and Clergy in Great Britain there was Oliver Cromwell.

The end of 1648 Oliver Cromwell's New Model Army had consolidated its control over England. As a final analysis of this revolutionary struggle, Charles was tried, convicted, and executed for high treason in January, 30th 1649 CE. Tyrannical absolute monarch to the king of Great Britain Charles I Stewart [Charles I (19 November 1600 - 30 January 1649)] have publicly beheaded on January, 30th, 1649 in Whitehall palace.

In a consequence in honor of killed king Charles I have been named (his son by the king - Charles II) two state in the USA - Northern and South Carolina. [1],[2] The monarchy was abolished and a republic called the Commonwealth of England was declared. In 1660, the English Interregnum ended when the monarchy was restored to Charles's son, Charles II. But it was already absolutely other country. England became the most advanced industrial and scientific country of the world, has created empire over which the Sun never comes. Isaak Newton has created the modern theory of gravitation and has opened to Mankind a way to Space. The steam engine has made industrial revolution.

The King of Great Britain Charles II Stewart has rather originally revenged Parliament for murder of his father of King Charles I Stewart. On January, 30th 1661 CE, in 12 anniversary of murder of king Charles I Stewart on the Parliament judgment, he has disposed to dig out from Westminster Abbey Oliver Cromwell's corpse [Oliver Cromwell (25 April 1599 CE - 3 September 1658 CE)] [Lord Protector of the Commonwealth of England, Scotland and Ireland [1653 - 1658 CE] from a tomb and at first to hang up it on chains as the thief from the fourth estate in prison Tyburn, and then the decapitated body have dumped in a rubbish pit together with corpses of judges Robert Blake, John Bradshaw and Henry Ireton.

Head of a corpse have fixed on the peak. This to peak with dead Oliver Cromwell's head have lifted over Parliament where it has staid 25 years (to 1685 CE) as the direct proof of tyrannical madness absolute power of Kings of Great Britain. [On 30 January 1661, (the 12th anniversary of the execution of Charles I), Cromwell's body was exhumed from Westminster Abbey, and was subjected to the ritual of a posthumous execution, as were the remains of Robert Blake, John Bradshaw and Henry Ireton. (The body of Cromwell's daughter was allowed to remain buried in the Abbey.) His disinterred body was hanged in chains at Tyburn, and then thrown into a pit, while his severed head was displayed on a pole outside Westminster Hall until 1685. [11]]

 Great French bourgeois revolution, as well as in England, too has proclaimed Republic and has chopped off heads and absolute monarch to the king (cut off king) of France Louis XVI [Louis XVI (23 August 1754 - 21 January 1793)][3],[4], and his wife Marie Antoinette (2 November 1755 - 16 October 1793)[5],[6].

Louis XVII [Louis XVII (Versailles 27 March 1785 - Paris 8 June 1795)] them 8-year-old son, have badgered to death. Louis XVII has died in Tample on June, 8th, 1795. To he was ten years and two months. The opening, established by a cause of death a tuberculosis (the grandfather, the grandma, the uncle and Louis big brother have died of the same illness) has been spent. As inform, on a body of the boy tumors, and also itch traces have been found out. It is informed that it was extremely exhausted and bony from under eating when it examined after death [he frankly starved]. Opening of a corpse has been spent in prison; following tradition of preservation of royal hearts, the doctor-surgeon, Phillip-Jean Peletan, has stolen heart of the prince and has kept it for the further studying. Its body has been secretly buried in a common grave.[7],[8]

Great Russian proletarian revolution was not an exception. In Russia the Republic has been proclaimed and by order of V.I. Lenin, J. Sverdlov and L.D. Trotsky on July, 17th 1918 CE in Yekaterinburg it executed the autocratic tsar-emperor of Russia Nikolay II [Nicholas II {18 May [O.S. 6 May] 1868 - 17 July 1918)}, his wife and all his children[9],[10].

The fact of class struggle and revolutions in the history of Mankind has theoretically generalized and has proved German baptizedJew K. Marx [Karl Marx, (1818-1883)] in the book "Capital". It has come to a theoretical conclusion about inevitability of cancellation of a private property on means of production and to transition to a public property on means of production as an indispensable condition of crisis-resistant development of socially fair society constructed on a principle of expanded reproduction. Such society he named atheistic and "communistic".

The dialectics of objective historical change of socio-economic structures [a patrimonial system, a slaveholding system, a feudal system, a capitalist system and a communistic system] became a principle basis to "permanent revolution» Gelfand-Parvus I.L. (А.L.) [Alexander Lvovich Parvus (Israel Lazarevich Gelfand) (1867-1924)], teacher of V.I. Lenin {Vladimir Ilyich Lenin (Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov) (22 April [O.S. 10 April] 1870 - 21 January 1924)} and teachers of L.D. Trotsky {Leon Trotsky (Lev Davidovich Bronshtein) (7 November [O.S. 26 October] 1879 - 21 August 1940)} in the end of XIX - the beginning of XX-th century CE.

It is in 1917 CE the first in the history this "three" man has made in Russia "the socialist" revolution precisely in birthday of the Lion of Trotsky (7 November <16 Brumaire> [O.S. 26 October]). Great Russian proletarian revolution in many lines has repeated Great French bourgeois revolution, but with one basic difference. «Bourgeoisie dictatorship» has been replaced with «proletariat dictatorship».

Lev Trotsky was "the motor" of the Great Russian proletarian revolution. When V.I. Lenin has came the Smolny institute 1917 CE on November, 7th, the Great Russian proletarian revolution already went at full speed. Trotsky has exercised administration (manage). Therefore all participants of this revolution became «trotskian», including V.I. Lenin. Only one person, who has over slept all revolution in soldier's barracks, never was «trotskian». It was I.V. Stalin (the editor-in-chief of the newspaper "Truth"), who subsequently the whole «trotskian» has destroyed.

Stalin I.V. in the first anniversary of the Great Russian proletarian revolution in the article: «October revolution» (Magazine "the Truth". On November, 6th 1918) has written: «All work on the practical organization of revolt passed under a direct management of the chairman of Petrograd Council of Trotsky. It is possible to tell with confidence that the party is obliged by fast transition of garrison to the party of Council and skilful statement of work of Revolutionary-military committee first of all and mainly by Trotsky. Anton's [-Ovseenko] and Podvoysky had the main assistants of companion Trotsky»[].

In Stalin I.V.'s in this article openly recognised absence of V.I. Lenin in Smolny at the moment of power capture in Petrograd by L.D. Trotsky. Stalin I.V. did not name himself among L.D. Trotsky’s "assistants" during revolutionary revolution on November, 7th (on October, 26th) 1917 CE.

V.I. Lenin's mistrust to General (to the main thing from three) to a private secretary (I.V. Stalin) has arisen in 1922 CE when he has found out that from his office the book was gone unique in one copy published still before revolution, about electrification of Russia, became by a basis of his plan GOELRO (ГОЭЛРО), and, the main thing, the second loss was his personal manuscript of the book about socialism construction in the USSR which was his book continuation «the State and Revolution».

Then there was well-known «a Letter to congress», as I.V. Stalin's punishment. However Lidia Alexandrovna Fotieva, private secretary V.I. Lenin, is subordinated directly to the Secretary General, that is I.V. Stalin, and she has brought in that day for I.V. Stalin «a superfluous copy» this very beyond the secret V.I. Lenin's document. After that «trotskian» V.I. Lenin, and then and his wife N.K. Krupskaya, on all a sign have been poisoned under order I.V. Stalin’s. [CЕКРЕТАРЬВОЖДЯЛИДИЯФОТИЕВА - ЖЕНЩИНАСДУРНОЙРЕПУТАЦИЕЙ.]


In Russia in a role the Jacobins club of France has acted the party of "Bolsheviks" of V.I. Lenin - J. Sverdlov - L.D. Trotsky (played a role of collective Maximilian Robespierre [Maximilien Robespierre]), and a role of French Fouché, Talleyrand and Napoleon of I Bonaparte only one person in three persons has played: I.V. Stalin {Joseph Stalin, or Iosif Vissarionovich Stalin (Ioseb Besarionis dze Jugashvili) (18 December 1878 - 5 March 1953)}.

In France «Termidorian revolution», that is revolution on July, 27th, 1794 (9 Termidor II years on a republican calendar) has led to overthrow the Jacobin dictatorships of Maximilian Robespierre and to the Directory establishment (1795-1799 CE).

I.V. Stalin has made «Termidorian revolution» (Termidorian Reaction) in party of "Bolsheviks" in 1924 CE. It has discharged of the power at first V.I. Lenin and L.D. Trotsky, and then and all top (Kamenev L.B., Zinoviev G. E, Bukharin Н, Pyatakov Н, Frunze M. V., F.E. Dzerzhinsky, N.K. Krupskaya, S.M. Kirov and Kuybyshev V.V.). He became the dictator in party of "Bolsheviks". The Political bureau at I.V. Stalin became a new Directory.

In England and France bourgeois revolutions have crushed Christian Catholicism. In France there was an atheism phenomenon. There has come the end of feudal Christianity. All Catholic churches have been closed. In Russia proletarian revolution has crushed Russian Orthodox Church and has proclaimed "militant" atheism. Almost all Russian Orthodox Churches have been closed. It is in buildings of churches have placed stables, warehouses, storehouses of vegetables.

In France «18 Brumaire» [revolution of 18 Brumaire Napoleon I Bonaparte (Coup d’état du 18 Brumaire) - revolution in France, taken place 18 Brumaire VIII year of Republic (on November, 9th, 1799 CE on the Gregorian calendar)] has led to Catholicism restoration, cancellation of a revolutionary Antichristian calendar, to return to the Gregorian Catholic calendar. Again Catholic churches have been opened. Napoleon became Catholic «the Emperor of Frenchmen». Napoleon I Bonaparte has returned a Catholic Monarchy and the Pope to France. The revolutionary atheism in France thereupon has been cancelled.

Revolution «18 Brumaire» has made I.V. Stalin in 1937 CE. In period with 1934 on 1941 CE I.V. Stalin has managed to grasp the individual power in the state.

In Russia «18 Brumaire» to I.V. Stalin in 1937 CE has led to cancellation of a revolutionary calendar in SSSR and transition to a Catholic Gregorian calendar. There was a restoration of Orthodox Christian divine service. Again Russian Orthodox Churches have been opened. The Patriarch was returned to on management of Russian Orthodox Church. The aggressive "militant" revolutionary atheism in Russia has been cancelled.

I.V. Stalin became "orthodox" - the atheist-dictator «the Owner of the USSR» and de facto became the new Monarch of Russia. He has replaced party of Lenin [«VCP (b) »] with own party «CPSU» in 1952 CE. Party of Lenin «old Bolsheviks» [«VCP (b) »] has rejected him at Party congress in 1934 CE [XVII congress VCP (b)]. Therefore the entire party of Lenin [«VCP (b) »] he is has shot in 1937 CE. Party of Lenin following V.I. Lenin's given instructions in «the Letter to congress» still in 1923 CE, has rejected him "ballot" as the Secretary General for new term.

The restoration of monarchy in France had no future. On change to it the democratic Republic has come. The restoration monarchy in the USSR the same had no future. On change to it the democratic Republic Russia has come.

The history has no wide highway. It develops oscillatory along the main line of movement. Progress is replaced by recourse and on the contrary. The religion periodically passes in the atheism, and back. (In Russia today all "communists" suddenly at once steels "truly believing".) However the general vector of development of the Human Civilization has a positive direction towards progress.

The calendar which the Mankind as the product of human intelligence, always sensitively displays all periods of development of History of the Civilization uses and itself is the History artefact.



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