S.L. Morozov

Uniform universal exchange mathematical calendar and its influence on the economic,  astronavigations  and  religion  future/Morozov  S.L.      М.:   LLC «VASH FORMAT», 2017. – 126 p. (Rus). The third edition. Corrected  and added.

ISBN 978-5-9909701-4-4

UDC 336:52 LBC 65.26в631

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In the monography «Uniform universal exchange mathematical calendar and its influence on the economic, astronavigations and religion future» in the most compressed kind the modern theory of a calendar is stated from the moment of its origin. The proposal on cardinal modernisation  of the world calendar system, its unification and reduction to a uniform reference calendar in conformity to problems of an epoch of piloted astronautics is made. Introduction of such the standard calendar will be the first step in a direction on creation of a global civilisation, uniform on the Earth and in Space. The offered calendar will be «eternal», invariable for all assumed by scientists remained period existence of a civilisation in the history (to astrophysical «doomsday» owing to absorption of the Earth by the Sun because Sun of transition from a stage of «the yellow dwarf» in a stage of «the red  giant»).


The offered calendar will simplify financial calculations. It is necessary to consider calendar days at definition of the sum of percent on bonds, options, forwards, futures and swaps. The existing Gregorian calendar forces to resort to conditional establishments about quantity of days in the period which urged to simplify percentage calculations. In an offered calendar in each    of quarters 91 day and it removes necessity for artificial arrangements. The offered calendar     is relieved of numerous lacks of all historically previous and all modern hopelessly out-of-date discrete ~40 calendar systems of a civilisation. The continuous calendar minimises ineradicable economic losses of all modern hopelessly out-of-date discrete calendars.


The author finishes the work begun 117 years ago D.I. Mendeleev in 1899, on creation uniform, (global) universal mathematical the verified standard of calendar time. On the basis of the offers of the author made it in 2013 of NASA (USA) since January, 13th, 2016 has entered into the official use 13th zodiac of  «Serpentarius».


The author makes the proposal on introduction in Russia a new, advanced calendar (project of the Federal law on computation of time) instead of an out-of-date medieval Gregorian calendar of 1582 annually absolutely lagging behind tropical year for 27 seconds, and ancient Roman Julian calendar from 46 years BC annually absolutely lagging behind tropical year for 11 minutes and 15 seconds with simultaneous decision of «a calendar problem» 8 Universal «Pan-Orthodox of the Cathedral» 2016 and a calendar orthodox problem of «2100» on the basis of developed universal to a «calendar constant» which, including, is, according to the author, a key for calculations calendar cyclogramm descent sequence spaceships and astronavigation. The possible error is shown in calculation calendar cyclogramm landings of module «Schiaparelli» started under program ЕКА (the European space agency) on March, 14th, 2016 with participation of Russia (ЕКА / Russian Space Department) which has crash-landed to Mars on October, 19th, 2016.


The offered exact continuous calendar constructed on the basis of a calendar constant, will  be useful in system GLONASS and NAVSTAR GPS global and continuous navigating and astronavigating service of all categories of consumers all-the-year-round, at any time, without dependence from weather conditions.