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  1. The paper in scientific journal "Economics and mathematical methods" VOLUME 51, ISSUE 1 (January-February-March, 2015) 
    Morozov S.L. (Moscow) Universal mathematical model of calendar year duration for all types of the exchange calendars. Calendar constant
    Economics and mathematical methods
    , 2015, 51 (1), 109-129.
    Now there are three separate independent "passive analogue" mathematical models: for lunar, solar and luni-solar calendars which does not take into account a system error. The uniform universal mathematical model for all the three types of calendars does not exist. In the article author offers the uniform universal "active digital" mathematical model for all the existing types of calendars which takes into account a system error. 
    Keywords: passive analogue mathematical model of a solar calendar, passive analogue mathematical model of a lunar calendar, passive analogue mathematical model of a luni-solar calendar, uniform universal active digital mathematical model, duration of year of all the types of exchange calendars, system error, a calendar constant, main calendar condition of an ideal calendar, theoretically ideal calendar, tenth form of a market system.
    JEL Classification: C60, F55, F59.

  2. The Hardcopy of the calendar encyclopedia (the 5-th edition): 

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 Uniform exchange calendar of Mankind, astronavigation questions and introductions universal quasi-currency. Calendar encyclopedia

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